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(i carry it in my heart) i am never without it
(anywhere i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing, my darling)

// e.e. cummings //

wedding, family & birth photographer in New orleans, la

i carry your heart with me

What is a memory? One dictionary defines it as something remembered from the past; a recollection. When I look through photos from throughout my life, the recollection is so strong that I can, if I let myself, be transported back. It’s the details in the snapshots -- the subtle, imperfect moments that flood my heart with the warmth of nostalgia and leave me reminiscing long after I walk away. It’s the in-between moments that tell my life’s story. 

I believe in memories

I cry at every speech, every first look. I truly believe in love and at heart I’m nothing but a hope(ful) romantic. More of a keen observer than the life of the party, I’m not the person who will be dancing at your wedding, but I will be behind the camera, collecting all of those beautiful moments that you poured yourself into. Those details that make up not just your wedding, but the beginning of your life together. 

I want to help you collect your moments

These are the stories I want to tell - the stories inside your wild, imperfect, beautiful moments. I want to capture the tiny details that make you you. I want you to look at these pictures in twenty years and find yourself right back here. 

I want to tell your story

My sweet but wild pup Monte, my obsession with thrifting, treasure hunting and DIY, my ever growing family of houseplants, the passion I have for "my people", the passion I have for sweets (lavender ice cream and satsuma sno balls!), and my secret admission - any sappy TV show written for teens!

Known for

I strongly value history and tradition and I honor that where I can in my life. From trying to recreate classic French-Creole recipes from our hometown of New Orleans to collecting vintage toys and books to tuck away for our future kiddos, I find daily ways to dive into the past and pay homage to memory. I think that's what drew me to wedding ad family photography. The importance of creating memories and of cementing them in time.

I tend to most enjoy the simplest things in life. My home after a long day. The smell of asphalt after a summer storm. My husband’s Saturday morning coffee ritual.

Meet Chelsea

Chelsea is very talented, but perhaps most importantly she's relaxed making all of her clients instantly feel at ease and like themselves in photos. Plus, if she can make this 9 month pregnant woman look beautiful, she can photograph anyone.

"If she can make this nine month pregnant woman look beautiful, she can photograph anyone."

Ashlee & Cory

kind words

We had a small, intimate wedding in Philadelphia that we planned from our home in Colorado - we didn't even get to meet Chelsea until the wedding day, and we hashed out all of the details over email. Chelsea was absolutely WONDERFUL! She was able to accommodate our smaller event, and was a total professional at every step. I don't love having photos taken of myself, but Chelsea made it fun and comfortable - a pretty amazing feat! We were thrilled with the photos, and loved having Chelsea there with us on our wedding day.

I don't love having photos taken of myself, but Chelsea made it fun and comfortable - a pretty amazing feat!

Ann & Clay

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As soon as we met, Chelsea made us feel at ease, conversation throughout the session was effortless and she was able to cajole oodles of smiles out of my sometimes shy little guy. Chelsea took charge of directing the shoot without being bossy but rather let poses flow naturally. She took the time to arrange a myriad of shots, allowing for diversity within our finished gallery. Chelsea also worked quickly to deliver our photo gallery even before our new addition joined the family. The photographs Chelsea captured will forever be cherished and something my family and I will fondly look back on for years to come!

As soon as we met, Chelsea made us feel at ease.

Hiller Family

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