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Six Month Milestone Session in City Park New Orleans

Y’all, my job rules. This six month milestone session was just amazing. I need to tell you about this family. The Cunningham’s are seriously something out of a southern storybook. Ben is a vibrant, powerful pastor, with a deep and genuine love for his calling. This genuinely floors just about everyone who hears him preach. Jenny is all heart- a doctor at a local clinic and a tried and true wonderful friend to many, with a sense of humor that has me in stitches at least once each time I see her. And baby Gabriel, well.. do I need to talk about the light that shines from this little boy? His toothy grin will get anyone laughing! And you can’t beat these amazing leg rolls for days! Together, this gang is pure, fierce joy and I am thrilled to call them friends.

I am on board with this sweet family for the First Year Collection (my fave!) and I’ve had the honor of photographing this family for Gabriel’s Newborn session, and now his six month milestone session! It’s such a blast watching him grow! Besides that, Gabriel was pretty much the perfect little model, giggling and smiling for me right from the start. But boy, when dad showed up to the session a few minutes after we started, he just about erupted with joy! His smiles just about brought tears to my eyes! This kid LOVES his papa!



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